Best Yellow (200g)

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Best Yellow is a yellow tight containing natural xantophilla from the treatment of Tagetes erecta.

It is used for all birds both lipochromic and melanin to obtain a homogeneous and bright color. 

The main function is to saturate the lipochrome making it more intense.

For a coloration of the nest, it is advisable to add Best Yellow even before laying eggs and continue until the molt is complete.

Best Yellow is also used for perfect saturation of the mask of Goldfinches.  


Xantophilla consisting mainly of Lutein min. 85%, calcium carbonate.


Carefully mix 2 to 5g per kg of paste or per liter of water. .

For a perfect saturation of the mask of the goldfinch mix 10 g per 1 kg of egg paste or for 1L of water. 

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