CeDe for Lovebirds and Neophemas 10x1kg

Aves Canada

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Premium Eggfood for Grasskeets, Agapornids and Neophemas

CeDe egg food for agapornids and neophemas is a feed supplement for agapornids, neophemas and other small parakeet species. The processing of the full eggs makes CeDe unique!

Egg protein is an easily ingestible and optimally usable source of animal protein for birds. CeDe egg food contains high-grade proteins, both animal and vegetable, all the necessary vitamins, amino acids, minerals and micro-nutrients for successful breeding. Adding essential amino acids boosts moulting.

Instructions for Use:

Moisten with a few drops of water, mix with germinated seeds, feed in a seperate dish dry.

Resting Period:

2 to 3 times a week administer 1/4 of the daily ration Cede Eggfood Agapornids and Neophemas.

Breeding Period:

Administer daily, when possible 2 or 3 times a day. Cede Eggfood Agapornids and Neophemas to provide the birds needs.

From weaning, administer daily 1/4 of the daily ration Cede Agapornids and Neophemas

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