Carrots pellets 1kg

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Quiko® Carrots | 100% natural product

Indispensable for the breeder!
Quiko® Carrots helps to regulate nutritional disorders, increases the appetite and improve the general condition. It has therefore been highly valued and used by bird breeders for many years. Quiko® Carrots keeps your rearing food moist and fresh all day. Feeding directions:
1 tablespoon Quiko® Carrots with 3-4 tablespoons of warm water and leave to swell. Mix with rearing food as required.
– 100 % natural product
– 1 kg equivalent to 10 kg fresh carrots
– A most effective biological supplementary food suitable for all birds
Why use supplementary foods?
Variety is the spice of life. Offering a varied diet is a great way of increasing appetites and avoiding boredom. European bird breeders have used the concept of daily diet variation for generations. A different dietary supplement such as Quiko® Carrots, Quiko® Rusk , boiled egg or germinating seeds are offered on alternate days to improve the appetite and feeding behaviour.

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