Lori Nectar 10lbs

Aves Canada

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Lori nectar bulk packed in 10lbs sealed back 
Article description
Avian Lori Nectar is a complete and balanced diet especially developed for the nectar eating lories, fig parrots and swift parakeets.

Avian Lori Nectar is a liquid nectar diet that serves as a basic menu for almost all lori varieties. Nectar and pollen are the natural food of all lories and lorikeets, most species also eat fruit, seeds, flower buds and berries.
Feeding advice:
Take 15 grams (1 full scoop, which is included) on 100 ml of water. You stir well until you have a homogeneous liquid. Let this mixture rest for three minutes, after three minutes you will mix this mixture well once again. You will see that the nectar becomes nicely homogeneous and has a jelly-like appearance. This is due to the natural plant binder. This binder prevents the nutrients from settling into the mixing and the bird first having to drink all the water to get to the actual nutrients.

Freshly made nectar can be stored for 12 hours. Make a fresh amount every day. In warm and sunny weather don’t place the nectar directly in the sun. One kilo of nectar gives 6.7 liters of nutrition.

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