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NEKTON Desi-care+ is a highly effective disinfectant in ready-to-use solution on the basis of active chlorine.

NEKTON Desi-care+ is used for rapid disinfection in animal enclosures, troughs and transport boxes. It's easy to spray on. Surfaces or other objects become germ-free effectively and quickly and do not have to be cleaned after a short exposure time.

NEKTON Desi-care+ can also be used as a universal disinfectant in everyday life. Whether surfaces, telephones, etc., moisten the object or surface which is to be disinfected completely with NEKTON Desi-care+ from about 30 cm away, then let the disinfectant take effect and, if necessary, wipe with a disposable cloth.

NEKTON Desi-care+ doesn´t contain any solvents, aldehydes and dyes, it is free from alcohol, aldehydes and surfactants. Classified as non-hazardous according to EU regulation.

NEKTON Desi-care+ acts fast and reliably against bacteria, viruses and fungi; also against eveloped viruses like Corona.

Effective spectrum                                                                                    Exposure time                                                                                              
Eveloped viruses like SARS-CoV-2, HBV, AFSV, HIV, HCV, Vaccinia, Influenza
non-enveloped viruses like Norovirus, Adenovirus, Poliovirus                   30 sec
Bacteria                                                                                                             5 min
Fungi, yeasts                                                                                                     15 min

Active ingredients: aqueous solution, contains active chlorine (500 mg/L liquid) released from hypochlorous acid (CAS number 7790-92-3).
Use within 3 months after opening, protect the product from direct sunlight and cold.

Please do not use together with acidic detergents and disinfectants.


Moisten materials / objects and pre-cleaned surfaces sufficiently with NEKTON-Desi-Care+ several times a day or as required. Minimum exposure time 30 seconds. If necessary, leave to act while further spreading. Do not wipe or rinse. After a contact time of about 15 minutes you can safely use the treated surfaces.

Dosage recommendation: 50 ml on 1 qm


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