Calcicolina-P 1L

Aves Canada


P calcicoline (Calcicolina P) is a specific product for caged birds when treating deficiency states, usually due to dietary disequilibrium and excess of fatty seeds. Fat excess produces serious disorders in the digestive system (mostly hepatitis and enteritis) reducing birds’ immune system. Choline chloride, an essential biological factor in fat metabolism prevents hepatic steatosis (liver fat degeneration) and development of hepatitis. Calcium and phosphor absorption can also be hindered by fat excess, producing bone fragility (and therefore increasing the risk of fractures). Calcium glycerophosphate provides highly assimilable calcium and phosphorus, required nutrients for correct bone formation, which has special importance in the growth period. In addition it is also complemented with mineral oligoelements (Manganese, Cobalt, Copper and Zinc) which, even in low quantities are absolutely indispensable for the proper development of animals. P Calcicoline is a dietary supplement necessary to correct the possible nutrition guideline errors and at high doses it becomes an efficient medication for treating hepatic and digestive disorders.

Dosage rate and administration : Add 1ml of P Calcicoline (20 drops) to 50 ml of drinking water. To prepare1 l, add 20ml of P Calcicoline (the equivalent of 2 bottle caps) to 1l of water. Healthy birds should be treated 2 days a week, and in reproductive season the dosage can be increased up to 4 days followed by a 3-day- break. When treating hepatic or digestive disorders p calcicoline should be administered daily during 8 days, until total recovery. During the therapy, it is recommended to withdraw fatty seeds.

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