Caseina 500gr

Aves Canada

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Product information "Pineta Caseina-88 Milk Protein Powder 500g"
CASEIN-88 88% protein source - single feed for pet birds and/or ornamental birds. High-quality proteins High protein content High biological value Composition: Milk products and products derived from them. Analytical components: Crude protein 88%. Usage instructions. Application: mix carefully with the food. Dosage: as needed. The table printed at the bottom of the package shows how many grams of CAseina should be added to one kg of feed to obtain the desired protein content. Additional information: very tasty, protein-rich feed of animal origin consisting of highly digestible and assimilable proteins from milk. Indicated for increasing the protein content of the feed during the preparation and breeding phases. There is no discoloration of the plumage.



Mix well with food.
Dose: 5-10 g per kg of food.
Duration of treatment:10 consecutive days. In case of increased need:10-15 g per kg of food.
Maintenance: twice a week

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