Laroy Group Charcoal 500g

Aves Canada


Charcoal has been used for decades by doctors to absorb toxins in the human digestive tract. It is eaten by birds to absorb toxins in their system as well. To use an old-timer phrase, charcoal “sweetens the gut”.

Granular charcoal is an excellent feed supplement that aids in digestion as well as absorbing certain microbes and their toxins in the stomach/gizzard.

If you suspect heavy metal poisoning, medication overdose, or any other toxin you’d like to help remove from your birds system can be aided with Charcoal. charcoal is very good at adsorbing toxins, CO2 and ammonia from the bird’s system.

Charcoal helps to fight hyper-acidity and relieves stomach upset. It is also an additional source of minerals.


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