Natural Vitamineral for Pigeons 2.5kg

Aves Canada


Natural Vitamineral won the confidence of Belgian pigeon fanciers in no time as it meant a breakthrough in the feeding habits of the racing pigeon. Natural Granen has constantly improved the composition of Natural Vitamineral. Natural Vitamineral contains all the minerals necessary for a balanced diet.

In addition to essential minerals, Natural Vitamineral contains vitamins A, D and E, which are required for the assimilation of these minerals. These vitamins have a positive influence on the growth of the youngsters and the fertility.

Natural Vitamineral is a product that pigeons need all year round. Vitamineral should therefore always be present in the pigeon loft. The pigeons will only eat it out of real physiological need.

There will be marked consumption when they return from a race and during breeding and moulting. The breeders ingest up to 650 mg of calcium per day when they nourish their youngsters.


Natural Vitamineral accelerates the pigeons growth and enhances their resistance.

Instructions for use


Always leave some Natural Vitamineral in a small gallipot the pigeons have easy access to.

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