Oropharma Oro-Bath 300g

Aves Canada


Bath salt for glossy plumage

Oropharma Oro-Bath is a special bath salts care product for glossy plumage. It makes feathers more supple, keeps the feet and skin free from scaling, and ensures glossy feathers. Oro-Bath has a relaxing function on the muscles and cleanses the skin and feathers. Everyone knows that birds like to bathe and also need it. Regular bathing is essential for maintaining the feathers. Adding Oro-Bath to the bathwater gives the birds supple feathers and helps them to maintain the strength and water-resistant function of the plumage.

  • A beneficent treatment for the bird's skin and plumage
  • Relaxes the muscles and cleanse the skin and feathers softly
  • Preventive care against feather
  • Directions for use
  • 1 even measuring spoon (= 1 g) per 250 ml lukewarm bath or sprinkling water.
    The solution may be put in the bathing tray or with the help of a plant spray be sprinkled over the birds. 
    During the winter: 1 x a week
    During the exhibition season: 1x before caging, 1x when returning from an exhibition, and in between exhibition every 2 or 3 days.
    In the remaining periods: 2 x a week
    If ORO-BATH is added to the bathing water, it should be removed after a couple of hours.

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