ORTICA - Pineta 250gr

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Nettle powder 150 gr pine forest at the best price

Nettle is known for its high content of minerals (iron, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc and calcium) and vitamins (A, C, K) and is particularly suitable for Serinus, Carduelis, Spinus and exotic. its remineralizing, detoxifying, diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties; performs a marked tonic and restorative action. It is useful in cases of debilitation, assists the balance of the gastrointestinal system and improves the assimilation of food.  

The presence of pigmenting substances improves the plumage during the moulting period making it bright and intense.If you do not want to influence the natural color of the plumage, its use is not recommended.

There is no better blood purifier than nettle.

A small amount of nettle given to birds contains a lot of iron, calcium, phosphorus and other important minerals.

It can be added to pastoncino, adjuvant for renal, diuretic and anti-inflammatory functions.

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