Perle Morbido 20lbs

Aves Canada


Perle Morbide replaces germinated seeds for Canaries, Finches (such as Lady Gouldians, Waxbills, Grassfinches, Goldfinches, Siskins, Bullfinches, etc.) Parakeets, Cockateils and any other sprout-eating birds
• Quick and easy preparation
• Completely edible
• Egg laying improved by 20%
• Elimination of mycosis and other diseases risks caused by germination process
• Can decrease Black Spot
• Can increase growth index
• Chance to add in the water any medicament or water soluble additive
Directions for use
Take 100g of product - add 200g of COLD water - Soak for Two Hours - Add dry eggfood and mix to get a thick, jelly-like texture.
Red Factor Canaries can be fed green or bianche (white) Perle Morbide, Red Mosaic must be fed bianche (white) Perle Morbide. 

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