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SERIPATIC powder is a food supplement based on Inositol and natural plant extracts, which works

As a liver protector, immune stimulant and antioxidant, it is specially designed to prevent the onset of all those pathologies that cause inflammation of the liver and gallbladder, as well as disease

The powder SERIPATIC includes in its formula INOSITOL, an organic compound that reduces cholesterol and prevents accumulations of fat are deposited.

This makes the liver free of this accumulation of fats, providing a detox effect.

It also includes plant extracts with different beneficial properties.

- Milk thistle: with detoxifying and protective capacity of the liver, which helps to purify the liver, to regenerate

its cells, also facilitating the normal functioning of the gallbladder and the digestive system.

- Dandelion: acts as a cholagogue (induces the synthesis of bile salts) and choleretic (favors their expulsion), providing support in the detoxifying action.

- Eleutherococcus: increases resistance to diseases thanks to its restorative and anti-infective properties. Antibacterial and antiviral, Eleutherococcus is effective in reducing the number, severity, and duration of infections.


- Excellent liver protector, prevents diseases that cause inflammation of the liver and gallbladder.

- Preventive and coadjuvant treatment of the pathology of the black point. Helps prevent their appearance during the breeding season.

- Prevention of digestive system infections.

- Stimulates the immune system of birds.


Mix 25gr  of SERIPATIC in 1kg of food or eggfood 

It can be used in conjunction with antibiotic and antiparasitic treatments.

As a liver protector, administer whenever necessary until the birds recover.

To prevent black spot disease, administer in adults daily from a few weeks before laying.


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