Vitamin E+Selenium 250gr

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Vitamin E, combined with selenium, acts positively on the body's oxidative processes, fighting free radicals, which cause both male and female sterility. Vitamin E helps prevent vitamin deficiencies and contributes to the assimilation of other vitamins in the daily diet. Vitamin C, in combination with vitamin E and selenium, increases antioxidant action.

Its use is recommended during the preparation of the pairs for the reproductive period to improve fertility, reduce the risk of empty eggs, facilitate hatching of the eggs and the survival of the chicks. It is also recommended during the growth period of young specimens.

Instructions for use: 10 grams per 1 kg of breeding paste or per 1 liter of drinking water. 

Usage: Mix carefully with food or dissolve in drinking water. If used in drinking water, daily replacement is recommended.

Reproduction period: Administer 3-4 times a week. Start administration 40-45 days before the reproductive period, to males and females, and continue for a few weeks after the eggs hatch.

Ingredient Categories: Bakery and Pasta Products, Miscellaneous.

Technological additives: preservatives.

Nutritional additives/Kg:

3a700 Vitamin E 100000mg

E8 Sodium selenite 50 mg

E300 Vitamin C 1000mg

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