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Calcicolina-P 500g

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CALCICOLINA-P, is a specific product for the treatment of deficiency states in cage birds,
almost always produced by nutritional imbalances and excesses of fat seeds.
The lecithin included in the Calcithin formula is a fat composed mainly of phospholipids, including phosphatidylcholine, the main source of Choline.
Choline is a molecule that has various metabolic functions, in particular it is essential in metabolism
of fats, prevents fatty degeneration of the liver and.
However, the amount of Choline synthesized by the body is very limited, therefore without a sufficient supply of Choline
in feeding, the bird can suffer problems due to Choline deficiency, such as fatty liver, liver damage and damage
Also the absorption of calcium and phosphorus is hindered by an excess of fats, and this defect produces a
abnormal brittle bones that break very easily. CALCIUM GLYCEROPHOSPHATE provides, in a biologically assimilable form, the calcium and phosphorus necessary for proper bone formation, especially
in periods of bird growth.
All of this is complemented by trace mineral elements (Manganese, Copper and Zinc) which, although in very small
quantities are absolutely essential for the proper development of living beings.
CALCICOLINA-P is an essential dietary supplement to correct possible failures in the guidelines of
INDICATIONS: Provides a correct supply of calcium, phosphorus and trace elements necessary for both growth
of the pigeons as during the whole life of the bird. It ensures a good metabolism of fats avoiding the degeneration of the liver. Ensures the good formation of the eggs.
TARGET SPECIES: Canaries, pigeons and ornamental birds in general.
Mix 10 to 15 grams of oral powder per kilo of pasta or food.
In normal birds it is sufficient to treat them 2 days a week, and in breeding periods treat the birds for 4 days and a 3-day rest. In liver and digestive diseases (red belly, swollen liver) the
CALCICOLINA-P daily for a minimum of 8 days, until complete healing. Remove all oilseed grains from the
feeding (turnip, poppy, hemp seed).
COMPOSITION: Calcium carbonate, soy lecithin, maltodextrin, calcium glycerophosphate and lactose. ADDITIVES (by
kg): Trace element compounds: (3b405) Copper (II) sulfate pentahydrate, 15.3mg; (3-503) Manganese sulfate monohydrate, 455 mg; (3-605) Zinc sulfate monohydrate, 26.4 mg; Excipients, cs
PRESENTATION: Bottle of 125 g and 500 g.

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Calcicolina-P 500g

$64.99 CAD

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