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This product its  hand packed in 2.0lbs seal bag and  can be used as additive to the egg food to replace the soak seeds and to increase the protein consumption in the time of breeding season and babies rearing. Must be mix 1part to 1part  with water and mix it in the egg food or give it straight. Please find the Youtube link to explain visually of the preparation . Please note that this product was developed for Spain,Portugal and Italian market so all the info is in this languages.

Fast Multipower

* Stimulates the chicks'
* Rich in protein
* Quick and easy preparation
* Improves the growth rate
* Ideal for moistening the breeding stock
* Can be used as is
* To add vitamins, pigments and medications to the water
* Elimination of mycosis and other risky diseases caused by the * germination process

How to use. Use: as is or moistened (mix 100 g of product with 100 g of water at room temperature and wait until the water is absorbed). 
Dosage: freely available in the trough or mixed with a dry paste in the desired proportion


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