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Unique mix of 9 different oils that accelerates the conversion of fat into energy, ensuring a double caloric intake compared to that provided by carbohydrates. Improves respiratory function and blood circulation during flight, which optimizes tissue oxygenation and elimination of carbon dioxide. Is a liver protector. Supports metabolic processes in the body, contributes to the maintenance of intestinal tract and strengthens the immune system, leading to a decrease in the rate of illnesses. Contains essential elements, such as choline, unsaturated fatty acids, fat-soluble vitamins A, D3, E, K which play a role in preventing muscle fatigue. stimulates reproductive function, improving mating results.


Thistle oil, Oregano oil, Garlic oil, Thyme oil, Ehinaceea oil, Artichoke extract, Eucalyptus oil, Mint oil, Clove oil


5 ml (1 teaspoon) over the grains:
During preparation for races: 2 – 4 meals, associated with Fly Power (rich in carbohydrates, which will increase energy production, protect the body from diseases due to propolis, beta-glucan and silymarin).
Starting from the second day after the race: 2- 4 meals, associated with Protein Plus and Biotics (both products rich in probiotics for good intestinal function, proteins and elements with a role in repairing muscle tissue).
Reproduction: 3 times a week, 14 days before mating until egg laying

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