Unsterilized hemp seeds 3lbs

Aves Canada


Hemp seedsOne sort of oilseeds that play an important role in bird nutrition are hemp seeds. Many seed mixtures for parakeets, cockatiels and bigger parrots contain hemp seeds. Most smaller pet birds such as budgies are not able to remove the peels from the relatively large seeds. So if hemp is part of a seed mixture, in most cases the seeds remain untouched in the budgie's dishes. But those birds who have learned to get along with the hard seeds really love to eat hemp.
According to the fact that hemp is an oily seed its content of the total amount of food should never make more than five percent for small birds like budgies. You can use hemp seeds if your birds need extra energy, e.g. if they have been ill and need to gain some extra weight.

Tip: You can put a portion of hemp seeds into a plastic bag, remove the air from the bag and close it. Then you can take a rolling pin and process the seeds with it. This will break up the peels and even small birds like budgies will be able to eat the seeds without problems.

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