Latac Insectornis for PIGEONS (MITES AND LICE) Powder 500gr

Aves Canada


Latac Insectornis Powder

Insectornis is a natural repellent for PIGEONS that acts against all types of insects (lice, mites, mosquitoes...) It can be applied to birds, nests and cages


  • Natural product without chemical insecticides and totally harmless to birds
  • Can be used frequently
  • Ideal to prevent the appearance of lice and mites in nests
  • Residual and repellent action

Composition: Talc, sodium propionate, diatomaceous earth, borax, pine extract, sodium formate, quassia amara extract, geraniol

Instructions for use: Sprinkle the product directly on the body of the bird, raising the feathers until you reach their base, twice a week, in summer it can be used three or four times a week. It can also be used in nests and cages.

Use undiluted


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