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NEKTON-Gelb contains all essential vitamins, amino acids, minerals, yellow carotinoid and trace elements in balanced proportions. NEKTON-Gelb prevents feather colors from fading and positively influences the natural shine and brightness of the whole plumage. Due to the vitamin complex contained within, the bird is supported through the entire molting/rearing process and additionally supplied with all important nutrients.

The colorant used (yellow carotinoid) is identical with the natural substance and is thus physiologically safe. Carotinoids are of vital importance for colored feathers.


NEKTON-Gelb is administered in the drinking water or soft feed at the beginning of molting/rearing until the end of molting or as soon as the bird's color is fully restored. No other vitamin compound should be administered whilst using this. Dosage: 1 g (= 1 measuring spoon) of NEKTON-Gelb in 250 ml of water or 1 g (= 1 measuring spoon) in 100 g soft feed daily ration daily for approx. 10 small birds (e.g. canaries).

Storage: NEKTON-Gelb should be stored dry and out of sunlight, between 15° and 25°C.

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