Prestige Budgie seedmix

Aves Canada


Versele-Laga Premium Prestige Budgie Food is a complete and balanced bird food. This high quality seed mixture is scientifically designed and tested to be the ideal food for budgies. This budgie food is made with fruits pellets, loaded with amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. These extruded VAM pellets also contain oyster shells and chia seeds, a balanced source of calcium, phosphorous, and Omega fatty acids.

Versele-Laga Premium Prestige Budgie Food is made with florastimul, a prebiotic supplement designed to balanced and encourage good bacteria in the gut. It is highly focused on maintaining optimal vitamin and mineral levels just for budgies. It is also extremely tasty! Your budgie will love the delicious fruity taste and fun crunch of these pellets.

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