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Winners Pro-Smoke is a 100% compound of natural oils, medicinal herbs that removes parasites from the loft and also disinfects and cleans the airways of Pigeons and cage birds 

- Eliminates pigeon parasites: thrips, flies, mosquitoes, mites, moths, ...
- Clean and disinfect the upper respiratory tract and bronchi.
- Helps remove mucus from the airways
- It is a 100% natural and very safe product

- Essential oils
- Herbs

- Place a piece of Pro-Smoke on a tile or similar to avoid leaving marks on the floor of the loft.
- Start with a match or lighter and hold the pill until it burns. Once you start to burn, the steam is generated (smoke) that covers the entire loft.
- Wait until the tablet is consumed and not removed for at least 15 minutes after the fire is turned off.
- 1 tablet is sufficient to disinfect a 750 sqft . Bellow is YouTube video how to use it.There is few companies that produce same product , bellow is one of them.

- Pot of 3 tablets

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