Vitamin A + Silymarina 200gr

Aves Canada


ndicated in case of vitamin A deficiency
Important detoxifying and hepatoprotective effect
Essential in recessive whites, lutinos,
albinos and satellites
Prevents visual, ocular and periocular alterations (inflammation of the eyelids, abundant tearing, etc.).
Vitamin A with silymarin, vitamin C and B vitamins

RECOMMENDED especially for recessive white canaries and moths that have metabolic difficulties in the absorption of carotenoids and, therefore, difficulties in the synthesis of vitamin A. It is also recommended for canaries, parakeets, pigeons, parrots and other birds that show a discoloration of the plumage.
The intake of vitamin A+ silymarin prevents visual, ocular and periocular alterations(inflammation of the eyelids, abundant tearing, etc.) related to vitamin A deficiency. Thanks to the presence of silymarin and B vitamins, it has an important detoxifying and hepatoprotective action; supports the immune system, fights free radicals and reduces the development of other disorders related to vitamin A deficiency.
Instructions for use and dosage. Dosage: 10 grams per 1 kg of pasta or per liter of water. Duration of treatment: 2-3 times a week throughout the year. mixed with food or dissolved in drinking water. In case the need increases, supply for 10-15 consecutive days.
Composition - categories of ingredients: tubers, roots and their derived products, other seeds and fruits and their derived products (silymarin - Silybum Marianum), cereal grains and their derived products.

Nutritional additives / kg:
3a672a Vitamin A 2,000,000 IU
3a820 Vitamin B1 500 mg
3a831 Vitamin B6 500 mg
Vitamin B12 100 mg
3a300 Vitamin C 1,000 mg

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