SERIMAX-L(Brewer's yeast + vitamins + amino acids + trace elements) 500gr

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Latac Serimax-L 125gr (Brewer's yeast + vitamins + amino acids + trace elements). For birds

- Balanced mixture of vitamins, amino acids and trace elements in combination with brewer's yeast that provides very valuable nutrients for birds.
- Nutritional reinforcement that helps improve the general condition of the birds during breeding.
- Very beneficial for the growth of the young birds.
- Promotes fertility.
- Target species: Canaries, goldfinches, lilies, nymphs, lovebirds, parrots, etc.

- Lactose, Brewer's Yeast, Sucrose and Calcium Carbonate;
- Additives (per Kg of product): Vitamins, vitamins and chemically defined substances with a similar effect: (3a700) Vitamin E 40 g; (3a300) Vitamin C 15 g; (3a672a) Vitamin A 1,000,000 IU; (3a315) Nicotinamide 2.5 g; (3a826) Vitamin B2 2 g; (3a820) Vitamin B1 0.5 g; (3a831) Vitamin B6 0.1 g; (3a671) Vitamin D3 100,000 IU; Amino acids, their salts and analogs: (3c306) DL-methionine 0.35 g; (3c320) L-Lysine 0.25 g;
- Compounds of trace elements: (3-104) Iron (II) sulfate heptahydrate 26 g; (3-503) Manganese sulfate monohydrate 9 g; (3b405) Copper (II) sulfate pentahydrate 4 g; (3-605) Zinc sulfate monohydrate 4 g; (3b801) Sodium selenite 0.5 g;
- Excipients, q.s.

- Administer in the breeding or feed paste, during the breeding or as a vitamin all year round.
- Newborn chicks: 10 gr for each kg of brood paste, during the first 21 days of life.
- Adults: 10 gr per kg of food for 5-6 consecutive days.
This dosage corresponds to CANARIES, GOLDFINCH, etc.
For PARROTS,, etc. twice the indicated dosage. Measuring cup, 15 ml is equivalent to 10 gr approx.

- 500gr

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