MYCOTOS- (Antihongos)250gr

Aves Canada


‎Helps limit the damage caused by mycotoxins‎

‎It is a mixture of ingredients with a high absorption. It contains ingredients with a conservation action that can reduce the‎‎ development of mold and fungi, as well as other useful substances to control the damage of mycotoxins. It‎‎ naturally regulates the bacterial intestinal flora, thus contributing to the development of beneficial microorganisms in the digestive tract. It can absorb and reduce the negative effects of toxins and control the development of mycotoxins in germinated seeds.‎

Recommendation: During the breeding period, germinated seeds or paste are added to control the possible development of mycotoxins.‎

‎DIRECTION FOR USE : ‎‎mix well with EGGFOOD or seeds. Dosage: 2 g per kg of eggfood or seeds. Duration of treatment: 10 consecutive days. ‎
‎ ‎‎Shock dose:‎‎ 5 g per kg of paste or seeds. Duration of treatment: 5/10 consecutive days. ‎‎Maintenance:‎‎ 2 days a week.‎


‎ Products of other plants, minerals.‎

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