SOFTBALL 19.2%- 1.5Kg

Aves Canada



Formulated food for professional ornithology.Giving Extruded Foods is a new and modern breeding method: during the breeding period it is administered in the morning and early afternoon to ensure the daily ration necessary for the rapid and correct development of the newborn. (The water used in the preparation can transfer vitamins, medicines, pigments etc. )  


USE: Add water in a ratio of 1 part Softball Green and 1 part water by weight, for example 10 grams of softball + 10 grams of water, doubling the weight and volume.We advise you to mix it with the egg food. It does not contain pigments and does not affect  the color of the birds' feathers

It is ready to use after about 15 minutes. 

Protein 19.2%, Total Fat 6%, Crude Fiber 3.6%, Mineral Matter 4.2% Ingredients: Cereals, Legumes, Long Millet, Oats, Fruits, Locust Beans, Sugar Beet Pulp, Cereal Proteins, Pea Protein, Inulin , calcium phosphate, vegetable oils, calcareous rocks, methionine, lysine. Additives: organically pigmented. Vitamin supplements: Vit 20,000 IU Vit.D3 2000 IU Vitamin E 75mg. Vit. B1 4mg. Vitamin B2 6mg. Vit. B6 4mg. Vit. B12 0.88mg. Vit.PP 40mg. Vit.H 0.2mg. Vit.K 2.7mg. 0.75 mg folic acid. Pantothenic acid 12.5. Betaine 230mg. Trace element compounds: Iron 200mg. Manganese 100mg. 25mg Copper. Zinc 150mg. Iodine 2mg. 0.3mg selenium. Amino acids: 1,500mg methionine. Lysine 1000 mg.

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