VellBrill for moulting 250gr. MOULTING VITAMIN

Aves Canada


VELL BRILL is a concentrate of vitamins, minerals and trace elements for the moult and plumage of young people. Product is indicated to supplement the diet of cage and aviary birds during the moulting period, being rich in essential and basic substances for moulting, which favour the fixing of pigments, enhance the colours and give a soft, silky and velvety plumage.

IT IS RECOMMENDED in the period of fledgling of the nestlings, during the moulting of the adults, to fix the pigments and enhance the colours, to give sheen brilliance and richness of plumage.

Feeding recommendation: add 20-30gr per 1kg of soft food. Start feeding at the first signs of moulting until the moulting stoped completely. 

Packaging: 250gr

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