Liquid calcium 500ml -Quiko

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1 Teaspoon per 1 Liter water. 1 Teaspoon per 1kg Moist Food. A healthy drink all indoor birds will love. A Quiko Liquid Calcium for birds to keep them happy and healthy. Liquid Calcium is for all birds including parrots, pigeons and poultry to supplement a calcium deficiency. Calcium is essential for reduced egg binding. Healthy bone & feather development. Quality egg shells, reducing feather plucking use liquid calcium daily in drinking water or food to ensure perfect growth and bone development in young birds. Liquid Calcium improves feather condition, egg-shell development and helps prevent feather plucking in mature birds. All domestic / wild birds need Calcium and Quiko Liquid Calcium is the most effective way of administration.
1x 500ml bottle of quiko calcium.

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