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What is Foniopaddy©?

Foniopaddy© is a natural grass seed which is grown in plantations in Uganda. More than three years of studies under vet supervision has proven that Foniopaddy© dramatically decreases coccidiosis. Birds were infected with coccidiosis and their faeces checked, after one week feeding on Foniopaddy©, the faeces were checked again and coccidiosis could not be found. 

How to use Foniopaddy©

During the first week allow the birds to determine how much they would like. After the initial week give the birds one-teaspoon of Foniopaddy© per week. Larger aviaries with 30 to 40 birds should be given two to three tablespoons per week. The Foniopaddy© should be fed in a separate container as its fine structure can cause it to sink underneath other seeds.

What is Coccidiosis?

Coccidia are microscope parasites that live in the small intestine of birds; their eggs are passed through the bird and remain in the bird’s faeces, spreading via their long-living hard-shelled eggs. They can cause a range of problems for birds including diarrhea with or without blood, weight loss, poor appetitive, prolonged illness and death in the young. 

It is believed that coccidiosis can be contracted by food ingested with the infected faeces or eggs. Foniopaddy© gives a natural, non-chemical treatment and preventative


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