Prestige Canary vitaminized seedmix 2.5kg/5.5lbs

Aves Canada


Versele-Laga Premium Prestige Canary Seed is a high quality food that canaries love. It is carefully designed to meet the exact nutritional needs of canaries. The supplement Florastimul ensures your canary easily digests their food, and also helps with the functions of the intestines, which prevents upset stomach, diarrhea, and also constipation. Cleaned oyster shells boost the functioning of their gizzard, too. This enriched seed mix has everything your canary needs to thrive.

Versele-Laga Premium Prestige Canary Seed is rich in amino acids, nutrients, and vitamins. Canaries can be fussy, and that’s why this food is made with tasty seeds, cereals, and also wholesome vegetables. Your canary will love it! Available in 1 KG or 2.5 KG bags. Always make sure your bird has access to fresh, clean water, too.

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