ROPA B 1L/1000ML

Aves Canada


Ropa-B Liquid 10% 1 L, (Keep your pigeons bacterial and fungal-free in a natural way).

This product is made from oregano oil extracted from the oregano plant. ROPA-B Liquid 10% is an organic product that has no side effects. ROPA-B was tested by TNO and its effectiveness has been proven over and over again.

- 100% natural
- Anti-bacterial
- Anti-diarrhea
- Anti-oxidant
- No bacterial resistance 

- No residual symptoms
- Can be used in combination with other products
- Safe to use and can be given throughout the whole year

- Longer shelf life of the feed because of the anti-occidental action
- GMP certified
- Helps digestion
- Improves nutrient absorption
- Stimulates intestinal flora
- Reduce the risk of disease
- It is recommended to use in stressful situations or risk of disease transmission: silent, breeding, flights, transport of pigeons

- Coccidiosis
- E.coli
- Trichmoniasis (Canker)
- Salmonella
- Worms
- Young Bird Sickness

- Preventive: ROPA-B Liquid can be used safely throughout the year at 1.5 mls per litre of drinking water. We recommend using it 3 times per week for prevention and daily when pigeons experience stressful situations i.e. transport prior to and recovery post racing.
- Recovery from bacterial or fungal challenge: 3 mls per litre of water feed for 7 days.

- 1 liter

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